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Thank you for being here!.....

We have so many fun things to to show you..... 

I'd love to offer your tea or coffee to make your visit 
a bit more relaxing...
I am afraid that's not  YET  available over the Internet...


Terra-Cottage offers a large selection of Vintage Treasures for Sale!!! 

Furniture, to compliment all Cottage styles including Shabby chic and Paris Apt.

We also offer some of the most unique pieces of Jewelry crafted in Paris , Italy  and the USA.

The Cutest... 
Big Girl
 and Childrens Jewelry.
The Baby Boutique is amazing!
Our Candles... truly leave a lasting fragrance in your home!
Signs For inspiration!
 That's not all, take a look at some of the pic's on the Gift Shop Page. 
Keep in mind that TCGS adds and changes inventory quite often.
We also have a Silent Auction going on right now in the Cafe',
just another thing I'd like to tell you about...but, will have to wait.

I thought it would be nice to take this time to show you some 
of the furniture pieces I have completed and sold in the past .....
After years of experimenting, I have found true love in the art of re facing furniture pieces from the past.
 Each piece requires days or weeks of work to complete. 
Like any piece of art, I only know how it will come out....when I have finished. 
The shape and the papers used dictate to me the next embellishments.

 ​"What are Terra-Cottage "Paper Dolls"? 

I thought the name "Paper Doll " best suit the character of my furniture, due to the vintage wall-PAPER and romantic charm they add to every room. They're all Original and only found here at Terra-Cottage.
Every Piece is a one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. The materials used are all vintage and have not been reproduced or copied in anyway.
Each Paper Doll is layered in gorgeous romantic color tones with papers and paint............ 
blending the charm of yesterday with the functionality of today.

....I currently have a large assortment of Paper Doll's on display in the shop and will be adding them one at a time to the Web-Shop in the future.

picture  to